A Family of Businesses Built to Serve.

Our business is straightforward: purchasing, processing, selling and delivering thousands of varieties of steel to companies. And our gameplan is simple: we strategically warehouse 75,000 tons of prime and non-prime steel close to our customers, providing them with favorable logistics. By having steel on the ground with warehouse and processing partners across America, we provide clients with sheet and coil products that best fit their pricing, lead-time and quality needs.

For prime and non-prime alike, we are proven specialists at matching specifications with the optimum steel type. Our wide-ranging inventory, combined with our product application expertise, serves as an arm of our customers’ business and provides a link between our steel and their manufacturing processes.

And we don’t stop there. We pursue ventures and initiatives that solve problems. Adding Metal Processing Corporation (MPC) to the Superior Steel Supply family of businesses reinforces our game plan by providing additional processing, warehousing and logistical services. The ISO 9001:2015 certification of MPC emphasizes and affirms dedication to quality improvement. In addition, the 400,000-square-foot temperature-controlled storage facility and a private fleet of trucks expands organizational capabilities.

It’s amazing to think that this is all the realization of a dream that our founder, Chris Reid, had twenty years ago. He wanted to disrupt the steel industry, with an innovative business model and a family-based enterprise. And it’s fair to say he succeeded — with help from business partner Steve Wood, that model has grown from a two-man operation to a nationwide business with employees in seven states who are capable of delivering products to the continental U.S. and Canada.

We’ll continue what he started now and long into the future, with a customer-centric mindset that builds lasting customer relationships and modern business practices. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we might serve each other.

Creativity • Relationships • Excellence • Stewardship • Teamwork
We wouldn’t be who we are, without the values we stand for. We encourage creativity. Cultivate relationships. Enable excellence. Pledge stewardship. And empower teamwork. And we proudly uphold those values for our employees, our customers, and our entire industry.


Superior Steel Supply, LLC and our related companies will create value in steel markets by helping end-users source steel that meets their needs and by providing steel mills the most cost effective channels of distribution for the steel they produce. Superior will add value by providing standard and creative products, services and solutions to the steel markets. Superior Steel Supply is passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus to kids in our communities. We will share our time, talent and treasures with local schools and community organizations that give us the opportunity to reach kids for Christ.













By truck, barge or train, we’ll get it there.

We deliver to the lower 48 United States and Canada — getting our product to all corners of the US by truck, rail and barge. The deep relationships we have with transportation companies, combined with our dedicated regional teams and a sister company’s private fleet, are the reason your orders are delivered correctly. Efficiently. And on time.


I like buying from Superior Steel Southeast because they do not hassle me into buying. They let me come to them when I need to make a buy. I also know that if I have any issues or problems with my order that they will be taken care of. They save me time by being a great supplier for our business.

– Parts Manufacturing Customer