A Great Addition.

Adding Metal Processing Corporation (MPC) to the Superior Steel Supply family of businesses reinforces our game plan by providing additional processing, warehousing and logistical services. The ISO 9001:2015 certification of MPC emphasizes and affirms dedication to quality improvement. In addition, the 400,000 square foot temperature-controlled storage facility and a private fleet of trucks expands organizational capabilities.


  • 400,000 sq. ft. of temperature-controlled storage

  • Industrial fans circulate air to minimize moisture

  • Sophisticated bar-code inventory tracking system

  • 11 cranes ranging from 20 – 50 tons

  • 13 shipping docks: 4 back-in, 2 recessed and 2 ramp

  • 2 receiving lanes offer easy pick-up and drop-off for 10 trucks at a time


  • Our own private fleet of trucks

  • Serviced by 2 rail lines: Norfolk Southern and Canadian National

  • Our plant accommodates up to 3 railroad cars at a time

  • 13 shipping docks and 2 receiving lanes offer easy pick-up and drop-off for 10 trucks at a time

  • Located in the Great Lakes Industrial Center minutes away from the ports of Chicago and Indiana

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Superior Steel has been a welcome surprise to our vendor base! I have found their sales staff to be extremely responsive. They are creative in providing alternate material suggestions to offset cost increases and manufacturing issues when they’ve come to light, in addition to being very detail orientated. We rely on vendors who can provide competitive pricing, along with superior service and in that respect, they truly live up to their name.

– Metal Stamping Customer
Processing Capabilities
Slitters84″72″60″60″ H36″
Slit Width Range2″ – 84″ up to
.250 Gauge
1″ – 72.5″.75″ – 60″1″ – 54″.75″ – 23″
 3″ – 84″ up to
.250 – .650 GA
Incoming Width24″ min    
Gauge Range.080″ – .650″.025″ – .090″.012″ – .050″.040″ – .187″.025″ – .135″
Entry Max Coil WT100,000 lbs.60,000 lbs.55,000 lbs.60,000 lbs.20,000 lbs.
Exit Max Coil WT100,000 lbs.49,000 lbs.49,000 lbs.50,000 lbs.15,000 lbs.
Incoming OD84″74″78″74″60″
Outgoing OD84″72″74″74″52″
Incoming ID24″ – 36″20″ or 24″20″ or 24″20″ or 24″20″ or 24″
Outgoing ID24″ or 30″20″ or 24″20″ or 24″20″ or 24″20″
 20″ up to
.250 Gauge
Spray OilerYesYesYesYesYes
Inspection LightsYesYesYesYes 
FinishingStretch Wrapping, Paper Wrapping, Skid Packaging and Cylinder Packaging