Steel Coil Calculator

Steel Coil Diagram

Use the steel coil calculators to estimate your coil lengths and weights. There are two calculators. The first one estimates by coil weight, and it needs input values for weight, width and thickness. The second one estimates by coil diameter, and it needs input values for inside diameter, outside diameter, width and thickness. We’d be happy to help you determine your estimates or demonstrate how to use the calculators. Reach out by filling out the form on the Contact Us page, email or call 719-960-4227.

By Coil Weight
By Coil Diameter
Pounds Per Inch of Width (PIW):
Inside Diameter 1:
Outside Diameter 1:
Sidewall 1:
Inside Diameter 2:
Outside Diameter 2:
Sidewall 2:
Inside Diameter 3:
Outside Diameter 3:
Sidewall 3:
Pounds Per Inch of Width (PIW):

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