We stock and supply steel that fulfills customer specifications. Products are categorized by mechanical properties, chemical composition, type, shape and gauge. Materials include flat-rolled, carbon steel products in the form of coil, sheet, plate, floor-plate and tubing. Our processing specialties cover hot-rolled, hot-rolled pickled and oiled, cold-rolled, galvanized and galvannealed steel ranging from 22 GA to 1 IN in truckload quantities. Please message us for questions about our products.


Cold-Rolled. Hot-rolled steel that gets additional processing for more consistent thickness and surface characteristics. The cold-reduction process produces a closer gauge tolerance and a variety of surface conditions. It can then be annealed into a softer steel.

Cold-Rolled Full-Hard. Cold-rolled steel that is shipped after tempering with no additional processing. It is used in applications when formability is not a requirement.

Galvanized. Carbon steel with a protective zinc coating. It is most commonly applied by hot-dipping to a specified thickness for the application.

Galvannealed. Galvanizing followed by an annealing process, which typically produces a consistent grey finish that is used for paintable galvanized applications.

Hot-Rolled. Steel that is rolled while hot. It is the first process most steel types.

Hot-Rolled Pickled and Oiled. Hot-rolled steel with additional processing that removes contaminants and impurities. Pickling removes stains, rust and other surface defects.

Hot-Rolled Pickled Dry. Contaminants and unwanted impurities are removed, but no oil is added.