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We supply processors and OEMs with truckload quantities of steel. (Have a unique situation? Just ask. We may be able to deliver a smaller load.) Our products are categorized by mechanical properties, chemical composition, type, shape and gauge. Materials include flat-rolled, carbon steel products in coils, sheets, blanks, plate and floorplate — ranging from 28-gauge to 1+ inch.

Steel Processing Videos! Eco Pickled Surface (EPS), Stretcher Leveler and Slitting.

Superior Steel Supply and The Material Works (TMW) have been friends, family and collaborators for over 20 years. Supply-chain and cost advantages for customers are created through cooperation. We work with them because they invent machines, and they treat our customers like their customers. They will even give you a tour of their facility with our representatives. We are a united front.

From slitting and plate rolling to inspecting and testing, we’re ready to supply. We've partnered with over 159 steel processing facilities across North America. Relationships with vendors, which we call partners, is critical to get you the right steel. At the right time. And at the right price.

Check out these videos to see how superior steel is produced for our customers.

Click here to navigate to our Steel Coil Calculators to estimate your coil lengths and weights. We have two calculators - one that estimates by coil weight and one that estimates by coil diameter.


Click here to navigate to our Steel Gauge Chart to source the proper material to fit you and your customer’s needs. The chart provides the standard thickness of sheet metal for a variety of steel.

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Steel Types


Hot-rolled steel that gets additional processing for more consistent thickness and surface characteristics. The cold-reduction process produces a closer gauge tolerance and a variety of surface conditions. It can then be annealed into a softer steel.

Cold-Rolled Full Hard

Cold-rolled steel that is shipped after tempering with no additional processing. It is used in applications when formability is not a requirement.


Carbon steel with a protective zinc coating. It is most commonly applied by hot-dipping to a specified thickness for the application.


Galvanizing followed by an annealing process. It typically produces a consistent gray finish that is used for paintable galvanized applications.


Steel that is rolled while hot. It is the first process for most steel types.

Hot-Rolled Pickled and Oiled

Hot-rolled steel with additional processing that removes contaminants and impurities. Pickling removes stains, rust and other surface defects, and oil is then sprayed onto the steel.

Hot-Rolled Pickled Dry

Contaminants and unwanted impurities are removed, but no oil is added.

Value-Add Capabilities

  • Tempering

  • Stretcher Leveling

  • Blanking

  • Cutting to Length

  • Slitting

  • Plate Rolling

  • General Inspection

  • Market Insights

  • Steel Futures

  • Scrap Trends

  • Physicals

  • Chemical Tests

  • Rockwell Tests

  • Hardness Tests

  • Bend Tests

Prime, or non-prime? That is the question. (And we have the answer.)

Initial conversations with our team put customers at ease — and initial orders put this topic to rest. After evaluating the details of your manufacturing needs, we select the optimal prime or non-prime products to conform to your specifications. It’s simple. Products requiring prime steel get prime steel. In other words, we guarantee that the steel you need is the steel you receive. Whether it’s high-, medium- or low-tier steel, we supply what you need instead of what we think you need. Not only is this the right way to do business, it’s how we’re able to keep costs low and quality (and integrity) high.